About Naturlab

The roots of our laboratory of nature can be found deep in the professional hairdressing and trichological sector, while its soul is strongly inclined to the herbal.

Since 2003, we have allowed our thoughts and actions to be guided by very specific ethics: we aim to design products that are both effective and safe for people’s wellbeing. We believe that, every day, our customers deserve the happy synergy between mind and body that involves their health as well as aesthetic aspects and respect for the Earth we all inhabit.

We make use of technological innovation to work with the purest essences and extracts. Our L’Albero del Colore (The Tree of Color) line features no parabens and you’ll never find DEA and MEA in the INCI of our hair dyes, as we truly care about your hair staying healthy and moisturized.

We purchase raw materials from all over the world, from selected certified suppliers only. We don’t use synthetic perfumes in our products as we want you to experience only the true aroma of nature when enjoying our emulsions and oils.

We prefer to use organic ingredients when preparing many of our products, because we see nature not as a generating force we should draw from recklessly, but as a Great Mother, worthy of care and respect.

Our headquarters is located in the heart of the Romagna area, but our thought is free to fly all over the globe.